Bachelor's study program Social Work

Study specialties: Social Work and Penitentiary Care

The study program is focused on carrying out the social work profession with selected groups of clients (according to a student’s specialty). It is possible to choose from two specialties: Social Work or Penitentiary Care. A student of the Social Work specialty focuses mainly on the care of disabled individuals and socially disadvantaged people. Students of the Penitentiary Care specialty are being prepared for providing social work to individuals from risk groups, in particular the clients with delinquent or criminal past.

The aim of the study program is to provide students with necessary competence in the extent that is given by the bachelor study program. Students are led to adopt theoretical knowledge, to handle practical skills and to gain social and professional competence. The student is capable of using all the mentioned abilities in practice within the work with a client and of developing them further during the performance of social work.

Master's study program Social Work

Study specialties: School Social Work and Project Management

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